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Quilters’ Guild Library

The Guild library is going to re-open with limited access for anyone to visit and members to be able to borrow books as previously. It will open on the last Friday each month from 10.00am until 1.00pm. If you visited in the past, you will not find as many books available as previously, but hopefully the ones kept in York are the most popular ones. In addition anything the entire was in the reference section has been retained here.

Those books not in York are housed withing the library of the University of Bolton as a distinct collection and are still available for loan to members – but you have to visit in person to make the loan.

Dates for 2017 are as follows:  Friday June 30th, Friday July 28th, Friday August 25th and Friday September 29th. After that it should carry on being the last Friday in the month apart from December.

Please come along to visit us – bring a friend if they have not been before. It is open to anyone to visit, not just Guild members. We look forward to seeing you.

Below is a list of the Library catalogue arranged by category.  These can be downloaded as pdf documents for reference.  Once downloaded the pdf document can be searched for particular books, topics or authors.

Amish & Mennonite
Historical, general                              
Patchwork, strip
Appliqué Historical, textiles Projects
Catalogues, exhibitions

Historical, UK

Christmas Japanese Quilt Makers
Design Miniature Social
Embellishment Patchwork, General Textile, Dyeing
General Patchwork, Block Wearables & Costume
General, Embroidery                                   
Patchwork, Foundation Piecing                      
Young Quilter
Historical, foreign Patchwork, Manipulated