Michael Fitchett

Designer, artist and teacher, exploring graphical and representational images through the medium of quiltmaking. Inspired by vintage travel posters and printmaking, drawing from my own on-location sketchbook work, I am a partner/maker of 2-person quilts and a teacher of design using fabrics and other collage media.

My talk/presentation Travels With My Sketchbook has been well received by quiltmaking and embroidery groups in the UK Midlands, and I am available for Saturday dayschools where we explore the use of colour, shape and tone to design vibrant pictorial images that may be taken through to quiltmaking. This is also the theme of my Quilt Academy classes at the UK Festival of Quilts, August 2017.

Art and drawing is a passion, I am what is now known as an Urban Sketcher. I’m just as happy drawing the everyday as the monumental, be it terraced houses or the pyramids.

My professional background is in Graphic Design, Product Design and Engineering Illustration. I am an Artist/Designer for a UK company building architectural clocks, where I use freehand drawing, photography and computer graphics. Examples of my clock designs can be found in the public realm of the UK and overseas.

Find me on our own website http://www.heatherleadesign.com where there are links to my FLICKR and FACEBOOK pages.