2017 workshops

Stuart Hillard - Easy Orange Peel

Learn how to execute perfect turned edge applique with ease, then brush up your free-motionquilting in a class that will help you fine-tune your skills while you make a beautiful modern (or traditional) quilt.

Jo Colwill - Template-free Applique

With a love of Baltimore quilts this workshop will be about designing your own template-free applique - and accururate, neat applique - starting with an explanation of making your own designs then transferring, using a light box, onto the back of the fabric and starting to build your applique.

Janet McCallum - Confetti Creations

Learn the technique of making confetti fabric using all your tiniest scraps. You will make two or more attractive accessories such as a make up bag, sketchbook cover, phone pouch or tissue holder and explore further ideas. Kit:£5

 Cat Rowe - Textile Illustration

Turn your favourite view, landscape or seascape, country or harbour scene into a treasured fabric picture. Learn how to translate one of your own photographic or sketched images into a piece of textile art. Look at composition, colour, use ofpatterns and printed fabrics. Finish the day by mounting your piece of work