Conference 2020 Workshops

FRIDAY, 17 APRIL 2020 from 10.15-16.30    £66 (full day workshop)  Stirling Court Hotel

Susan Briscoe:    Japanese Sashiko with Kirigami Templates (Hand)

Ellie Remijnse:  Switch! (Hand) **NB:  please note that this is a change from the original information advertised in the brochure**

Ali Ferguson:  Stories from the Scullery (Hand)

Andrea Lee:  Silk Paper Vase (Hand or Machine)

Paula Rafferty:  Art Quilting: Draw with Thread and Stitch (Machine)

Jennie Rayment:  Fabulous Fanadoo & More! (Machine)

Magie Relph:  Siddi Style (Hand)

SATURDAY, 18 APRIL 2020  from 13.00-16.30   £35 (half day workshop)  Stirling Court Hotel

Sarah Ashford:  Walking Foot Quilting (Machine)

Jo Avery:  Tiny Improv Streetscape (Machine)

Joanna O’Neill:  No Scissors Needed (Hand)

Debbie Renton:   Silhouette Appliqué (Machine)

Linzi Upton:  How to Eat an Elephant (Machine)

Jeltje van Essen:  Anton Pieck Colouring, Stitchery & Storytelling (Hand)

SUNDAY, 19 APRIL 2020  from 10.00-16.00  £66 (full day workshop)  Stirling Court Hotel

Hanne Asbey:   Just Daisy, Small Wallhanging (Machine)

Dawn Cameron-Dick:  Invisible Machine Appliqué (Machine)

Gillian Cooper:  Terrific Transfer Printing (Hand)

Anne Gosling:  Californian Poppies (Hand)

Bonnie McKerracher:  Stained Glass Rose (Machine)

Sheena Norquay:  Free Motion Couching (Machine)