FOQ Ltd. (QGBI Enterprises)

QGBI Enterprises stand at Festival of Quilts

As a registered charity, The Quilters' Guild needs to have a trading company for its associated trading activities. Our trading company is registered as Festival of Quilts Ltd. and was set up in 1998 to deal with the organisation and delivery of the very first Festival of Quilts held at the Indoor Cricket School at Lords, London, in 1999.  The company now trades as QGBI Enterprises in order not to cause confusion with Festival of Quilts held at the NEC.

QGBI Enterprises undertakes trading activities on behalf of The Quilters' Guild, including: 

  • running the on-line Quilters' Guild shop
  • providing goods for sale at quilt shows and regional events
  • the production of The Quilter, including the advertising and printing
  • delivering the annual Quilters' Guild Conference

Festival of Quilts Ltd. is registered as a company limited by guarantee, registered no. 3538705.  The company currently has four directors:

  • Jane Blackburn - Finance Director and Guild Treasurer
  • Elizabeth Ingle - Chair and Communications Trustee
  • Deborah McGuire - Sales and Marketing Director
  • Ellen Griffith - Event Director

Cathy Hook is employed as Retailer. Contact Cathy at

For advertising in The Quilter please contact Gilly Storey at