Quilt Judging

Who are the quilt judges?

We are all, first and foremost, enthusiastic quilters ourselves.  We may work with cotton, silk, linen, wool or plastic.  We may stitch by hand, by machine, with long-arm machines or with tacks and staples.  We love bright colours, subdued colours, transparency.  We may make huge quilts or tiny ones, bed quilts, bags or objects.  We are soothed and satisfied by our sewing – and also swear at it sometimes. In other words, we are just the same as you, we have no special talents, we are not the “quilt police” and we won’t count your stitches.

We are all, however, committed to maintaining public interest in quiltmaking and helping to keep standards as high as they are.  We want to encourage all quiltmakers to do as well as they can to improve their work and we want to raise the profile of quiltmaking as a textile art. Most of us have completed the QGBI training course.  A small number are judges because of their expertise as teachers.  Nearly half of us are from outside the UK as very few countries yet run their own training courses.

As well as Festival of Quilts, we judge at other shows up and down the country, or abroad.  We love to look at your quilts, wherever they are.  Many of us also give talks to groups and are happy to talk about what judges look for and to answer your questions.

How are quilt judges trained?

The Quilters’ Guild runs a two-year training course for experienced quiltmakers who are interested in developing their knowledge further, sharing their expertise, and encouraging other quilters. For more information about the course go to Quilt Judging Courses

During the course the judges become familiar with all styles and methods of patchwork and quilting; they study design and technique; they practice judging from real quilts and from images, and of course they are all quilters themselves.  We are all delighted to be invited to judge adults’ or children’s work, large or small shows, or to select work from photographs and CDs.  Judges learn to be impartial, to put aside any personal preferences, and to value all the work shown to them.

Can I book judges for my exhibition?

Head Office  at York holds an up-to-date list of quilt judges which is available free-of-charge.  Find out if there are judges in your area.  You can also get the list from the chair of the judging committee.

·  Will judges be willing to come to a small local show?  Yes.

·  Will judges work at home from CD or email photos? Yes.

·  Will it be expensive to use judges? No.

·  Is it easy to book judges? Yes, there is a helpful booking form. 

A list of current judges can be obtained from Lisbet Borggreen

Like to know how quilts are judged?

The Guild has prepared a useful guide on how quilt judges do their job .