Quilt Judging Courses

Quilt judges in training

Quilt Judging Course – two year distance learning

The Quilters' Guild runs training courses for Quilt Judges.  A new course will start in November 2021.  Registration is open.

The Quilters’ Guild, as an educational charity, is very keen to promote professional development among all quilt judges and to date has run seven accredited quilt judging courses (first course started in 2002) with the eighth beginning in November 2021. The Quilt Judging Course has caught the attention of the quilting world, attracting successful participating students from areas within and outside Europe. We now have  certified judges in the UK, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and even Russia and Australia, making this a true international venture.

The Quilt Judging Course offers full training for quilters to become Quilt Judges and we offer the opportunity to attend short refresher courses from time to time to maintain the level of skill and knowledge.

All of the students who have qualified have said how much they enjoyed the course and how much they gained from taking part.  Studied by correspondence, the course encourages a wide appreciation of Art and Craft; you will be looking more widely than textiles and quilts in order to develop a critical awareness.

Divided into six modules you will cover a diverse range of subjects including art, design, construction techniques, jurying and judging with practical exercises.  Visiting quilt shows and museums is seen as an integral part of the course and students are actively encouraged to keep a journal throughout the course.  At the end of each module you will be asked to write a short report which will be evaluated by your tutor who also will support you whenever you need help during the course.  The course begins with an introductory residential weekend in Reading where students will be introduced to their course tutor and take part in a variety of activities related to the course. 

Course Fees

The course fee is expected to be in the region of £1600 which covers tuition for Modules 1 – 6 and entry to The Festival of Quilts for one day during Year 2 only (Module 6 – Judging practical).  Following a deposit of £150, the balance is payable in three instalments.  It does not include the cost of travel to course related events or exhibitions or any incidental expenses required to complete the course (such as photography, postage, photocopies, materials etc).  The course is open to Guild members only so why not join now so that you can reap the benefits of membership until the course starts.  You will be required to join anyway as a condition of studying the course!

Places are limited so if you are interested please register your interest with the Quilt Judging Course Co-ordinator at judging_coordinator@quiltersguild.org.uk

Refresher Course for Judges

Refresher courses for qualified quilt judges run from time to time. Contact the Quilt Judging Course Co-ordinator at judging_coordinator@quiltersguild.org.uk for more information.