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Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic The Guild library is not open.  Books can still be borrowed and to make arrangements to visit please contact either or .  The books housed in the reference section remain in York.

Those books not retained in York are housed as a distinct collection within the library of the University of Bolton and are still available to members for loan - but you have to visit in person to make the loan.

Members can still borrow books even if they cannot visit the library in person. Please refer to the section on postal loans below.

Below is a list of the library catalogue arranged by category.

The list shows the name of the book, the author, whether it is housed in York or Bolton and its shelf mark which identifies each individual book. These can be downloaded as pdf documents for reference. Once downloaded the pdf document can be searched for a particular book, topic or author.

LIB 01    Members' Loan Service Postal Request Form
LIB 03   General Information on the Library

Amish and Menonite      Appliqué     Catalogues, exhibitions  Christmas  

Design  Embellishment   General  General, Embroidery  Historical, foreign

Historical, general    Historical, textiles   Historical, UK 

Japanese Miniature   Patchwork, Block   Patchwork, Foundation Piecing 

Patchwork, General Patchwork, Strip Quilting  Social    Wearables & Costume