Alan Teather

Hi folks.

I have been Quilting for over 20 years now and still find things to inspire me, calm me down, lift me up and much more.
I'm 60 this year (October 9th for the birthday cards, lol), served in the military, broke my back, got married and had a son, battling mental health and Bi polar problems for well over 40 years now. The constant throughout that time is crafts. There has been photography, stained glass, Tiffany glass, cooking, candle making and more. All done to a really high degree but the one that has been the constant throughout, is Quilting.

On a whim, literally walked past the uni, open day in progress and a sign that said:

" Do you want to do a creative degree?"

OK said I and that was it. Enrolled for university at 54 years old.

I went to university to do a Textiles degree and graduated in 2019 with a BA(hons) in Contemporary Textiles and Products.

My student loans ran out so I had to get a job. I can't work for others, far too mouthy and honest so I returned to my staple craft and set up Alan Teather Quilting.

Website is : .

Best thing I have ever done.

So, that's a bit about me and if I can be inspired every day then so can you reading this.

Don't say you will think about it, you won't. Just do it and the safety net will appear.