Isobel Loftus

In trying to describe my passion for quiltmaking, I have four main areas which influence my creativity and drive me to keep learning and keep stitching. Each quilt I make poses different challenges, pushes forward my knowledge of techniques, and continues to reveal a new world of colour and pattern.

First.....I am inspired by nature. I am drawn to the ever changing colours and shapes in my local landscape. As the seasons change, I observe the comings and goings of plants and flowers as I tend to my garden and as I walk along the footpaths and towpaths in my neighbourhood. I record my observations by making drawings and paintings in my sketchbook. I interpret these observations in a series of experimental stitch samples.

Second..... I aim to make quilts which are functional. I want to be able to use them in my home. The fact that they can be wrapped around a person to give warmth and comfort adds more appeal.

Third..... the history and techniques of quiltmaking and especially examples of historical quilts which are unique to the British Isles. I particularly like utilitarian North Country quilts, woolen Welsh quilts, strippy quilts, and frame quilts.

Fourth..... I challenge myself to make quilts from repurposed and recycled materials, mostly generated from my own home and family. I enjoy the challenge to make a beautiful fabric from limited materials.

I studied textiles at Manchester Polytechnic, specialising in embroidered textiles. I went on to teach textile design and drawing in further education. Recently I have been able to dedicate more time to re-engaging with my own textiles and design work.

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November 2020

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