Jeremy Morgan

I am a tailor & haberdasher. Technically I have retired but my private customers still expect me to make things for them. I am particularly interested in the "Cut of Men's Clothes:1780 - 1840" which, in general terms, means the History of the Rise & Fall of the "Tail-Coat" from a sporting coat till it became a fossilised item of formal menswear. I am particularly interested in making "Fancy Weskits" & "Folk-Wear". My grandmother taught me to sew hexagon patchworks while still a child & my first commercial commission was a 24" square cushion cover in 1" hexagons for which l received the princely sum of 50/- [£2.50 in decimal currency] @ the age of 9, & I have never looked back. I am particularly keen about making proper "working" quilts & coverlets, rather than wall-hangings, & very much admire Gee's Bend style quilts & Japanese "Boro" textiles. For the moment l'm working through all sorts of African & Tribal Art influences. At some point l hope to learn how to upload photos onto websites & face/book, but until then this page will have to remain image-less [sorry!]