Leah Higgins

My textile art has developed from a life long love of working with textiles and stitch. The tactile nature of working in this media adds an extra dimension that I cherish.

My inspirations are mostly man made whether structures or constructs. But my starting point is always colour. The interaction of colour applied to textile through mulitiple wet processes forms the backbone of most of my work. Some pieces evolve as wholecloth; others are pieced but all are finished with stitch. Stitch holds everything together both literally and figuratively.

My work has evolved over time. I made a few traditional quilts about 20 years ago before rapidly moving into a more contemporary style. I have never been a great follower of other peoples patterns (or rules!) so initially started by using commercial fabrics in my own designs. This changed the day that I hand dyed my first piece of cloth. I fell in love with the textures and depths of colours. And the fact that each piece was unique just made me love the process more.

Over the last decade I have become much more conscious of the design process and have integrated more complex ideas and inspirations into my work. I have slowly developed a style of work that has led to pieces that are more recognisably 'art' than quilt.
You can find out more about my work on my website.

Website: http://www.leahhiggins.co.uk

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