Lesley-Anne Bealey

I started patchwork and quilting in about 2012 after my partner bought me a book on it. I've always had an interest in textiles, though, and originally trained to teach home economics at LLandaff School of Education in Cardiff which included textiles in one of my specialisms, home management (my partner, Mike, tells people I have a degree in housework). During that course, I did make a patchwork duvet cover but didn't know about the concept of sashing or borders, so inserted the patchwork piece into a large square cut out from a double cotton sheet. It did work, though, and I still use the duvet cover. I gave up teaching in 1988, when it looked like the national curriculum was going to see the end of my subject. I took early retirement in 2010 after a second career in training and development, working for local government and then as a freelancer. It's wonderful, now, to be able to spend time sewing (mainly by hand) and meet with like-minded women.