Linda Lane Thornton

We are now living on Coromandel in Angra do Heroismo in the Azores, where I have been using plants collected locally to dye cotton. I've also been exploring shibori techniques, and investigating the use of lichen as a dye.

I have written for both sailing and quilting magazines and have self-published two books, one about our circumnavigation on our 35 foot sailing boat, Coromandel, entitled Fair Winds and Safe Passage and a book about the Journal Quilts I made during that time entitled Trip Around The World. Both are available from Amazon as paperbacks, and Fair Winds and Safe Passage is also available on Kindle.

I am interested in many aspects of quilting, but as I live on a small sailing boat I am limited to making journal quilts. I seldom meet other quilters, so rely on the internet to keep in touch with quilting friends in the north east of England, and am still a member of Region 15E. I have seen many different forms of textile in my travels; lace in Camarinas, embroidery in Madeira, the mola of the Kuna Indians, weavings in Ecuador and Peru, tivaevae in French Polynesia and the Cook Islands, the reverse applique of the Hmong in northern Thailand, ikat and songkat in Indonesia, the unusual weavings of Sao Jorge in the Azores and many others.

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