Mary Whitehouse

I'm returning to sewing after too long a gap, and a beginner at patchwork and quilting but still struggling to find as much time to sew as I'd like - too many projects and not enough time.
I 'retired' from work in 2017 and at last am finding more time for quilting and the Guild. I went to my first Conference and AGM at Nottingham in 2019 and loved it, especially the warm embrace I received from other Region 14 quilters; as a result, since January 2020 I have been editor for our region newsletter Fat Quarter.
I was also inspired by the AGM to submit a quilt for the Festival of Quilts in 2019 and was encouraged by the judges' comments to enter again in 2020.
The image in my profile is my 2020 entry to the Quilters' Guild Challenge 'Threads that bind' - and my quilt is #imintheguild

I am @yorkstitcher on Instagram and I blog at