Maureen Fulton

I recently moved to the York area from Cambridge. I have been quilting or making patchwork quilts for many years. I first started when I was living in Caracas, Venezuela as an American lady there ran a quilting group. As soon as I had finished my first block I was hooked. I have only ever hand quilted my quilts but have enjoyed doing this especially in the winter when having a quilt on your lap gives you an extra layer of warmth. I would like to try machine quilting but at present feel I do not have the correct machine or space to do so. I also enjoy appliqué and cross stitch. I recently completed some cross stitch pictures of my children pets from photographs.

I am soon to become a grandmother and I am enjoying all the new quilting projects this is allowing me to attempt. So far I have completed a cot quilt, a teddy bear, a monkey, various rattles and have a playmat in the making.

I am obsessed with buying fabric and cannot walk past a fabric shop without going in.