Pascale Michalski

Based on short and marvelous stories of farms and sunsets, slow roasties and the confection of the honey eclipse. Venture back to Cabaret Voltaire and peel off the rigidity of the humdrum. I welcome you to my material memoirs that will fill your genius with the warmth of grace and the fog of the daily world. Withdraw and breathe some colour!

Silk and cotton paintings, free motion quilts, raw edge appliques artwork created by Pascale Michalski.

Please find me on Instagram and Facebook: Pascale's Moral Fibre.
This is my website:

Recent awards/competitions/publications:

Publication in Donna Marcinkowski DeSoto's "Quilts Inspired By Endangered Species"

The Quilters' Guild - Region 2 Hever Castle Challenge 2018 - 1st Prize
Festival of Quilts 2018 - 2nd Prize Novice Category
National Quilt Championships 2018 - 1st Machine Quilting
National Quilt Championships 2018 - 1st Textile painting/ dyeing
National Quilt Championships 2018 - Judge’s choice award
Contemporary Quilters "In Print" Challenge 2018

The Quilters' Guild - Region 2 Hever Castle Challenge 2017 - 3rd Prize
The Quilters' Guild - Anne Tuck Prize 2017

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I accept commissions and I am available as a speaker.

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