Penny Peters

I have been quilting since the seventies when I made items like a mariner's compass cushion and a padded sunflower cushion from books or magazines. These are long gone now due to house moves! My first quilt was made when I had just bought a (decrepit) house and had no money - my quilt was made from furnishing fabrics in a log cabin design. I still have this quilt! I also made a wall hanging later along the same lines.
I love quilting with other people and have belonged to Guildford Quilters, Heather Quilters (Camberley) but now just attend a fortnightly home group (off shoot of Guildford Quilters) and a group that meets in Guildford once a month. (This group also accepts anyone who makes anything with a needle!)
I especially like to go to Linus quilt making days. What I love best is a challenge so give me a little bag of inaccurately cut squares of odd fabrics, a partially completed roll of rectangles and I am well away!
I happily take projects like these home to finish.
I love a bargain and enjoy going to the yearly quilt fabric sale at Farnham Maltings.
Quilting carried me through when I was caring for my very ill husband and needed time out with like minded people. I made the quilt in the photograph for my 16 year old autistic son Rayan - he loves penguins!