Yvonne Romain

I live in Colchester, Essex. I enjoy patchwork, textiles and felting. Having lived in Spain for 10 years I am now based in the UK. Enjoying getting back into the swing of patchwork and quilting. I'm Regional Coordinator of Region 8 which has been quite a learning curve and one that I am enjoying.

I completed my course two years ago, it was lead by Mary McIntosh. It was a great course and lots of reminders of past classes. It has lead to us starting a Textile Exhibiting group - Spotlight Textiles. We are based in Suffolk and our first exhibition will be at the end of April beginning of May 2022 at Snape Maltings. The group are quite diverse so is the work.

My photo is one I don't want to change, it's a lovely reminder of my husband who died two years ago.