Other Prizes

Other prizes awarded by The Quilters' Guild

The Sue Ridgwell Challenge 

The family of Sue Ridgwell created a beautiful silver trophy in memory of Sue.  This is awarded to the winner of the Sue Ridgwell Challenge held each year at The Guild's Conference.  The winner keeps the trophy for one year and has an engraved vase to keep.

Winner of the Sue Ridgwell Prize at Nottingham in 2019 was Alison Pearson.

The Doris Debney Memorial Prize

Doris Debney was a long-standing Guild member and nursery nurse, who loved children.  Created by the family of Doris Debney, in her memory, this prize of £100 is given to the maker of the best quilt by a Young Quilter entered into the YQ Challenge at The Guild's Conference to allow the winner to further his/her textile exploration.

In 2019 at Nottingham, the Doris Debney Award was divided equally between the winners of each YQ category:

Winner 5 - 9       Amelia Winchester
Winner 10 - 13   Soheil Flynn and Abigail Reynolds
Winner 14 - 18   Livia Wright