8th European Quilt Triennial 2020

Judith Mundwiler - Network in the Flow of Time

The entry form of the 8th European Quilt Triennial 2021 is now available. It can be ordered from Textilsammlung Max Berk / Kurpfälzisches Museum (P.O. Box 105520, D-69045 Heidelberg, phone: +49 6221 800317, e-mail: kmh-textilsammlung-max-berk@heidelberg.de). It can also be downloaded from the museum’s website www.museum.heidelberg.de. Furthermore it will be possible to apply online. Closing date for submission of applications including material will be the 16th of January 2021

The following prizes will be awarded: 1. 1st prize: Doris Winter Memorial Prize for innovation in material, technique and design to the amount of €5,000 donated by the Betty Barclay Group 2. 2nd prize of €1,000 for talented young quilters and newcomers under the age of 40 3. 3rd prize of €1,000 for innovation in a large format (minimum 3 m², maximum 4 m²) Subject to the financial consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, the exhibition is expected to be shown in Heidelberg from 10 October 2021 to 16 January 2022 and subsequently at Kreismuseum Zons in Germany and Textilmuseum St. Gallen in Switzerland. Plans for further exhibitions in Germany and other countries are currently under discussion.

Further information and photo material: 

Textile Collection Max Berk · Kurpfälzisches Museum phone: +49 6221/800317 e-mail: kmh-textilsammlung-max-berk@heidelberg.de www.museum-heidelberg.de