An opportunity to see the 1718 coverlet at FoQ and Bath

Three hundred years ago this amazing piece of patchwork was finished. Visually stunning, technically accomplished and today recognised as internationally significant in the history of patchwork and quilting, the 1718 Silk Patchwork Coverlet celebrates it's 300th anniversary. 

The coverlet will be the historic star of the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, 9 - 12 August, where it will feature in its own bespoke gallery, accompanied by a full gallery's worth of information, interpretation and research - everything we can possibly tell you about the history of this rare and fascinating piece.

The coverlet will also be on view in the Folk Art gallery at the American Museum in Bath from 10 April until 29 July alongside iconic objects from the Museum’s own collection. This is a momentous opportunity to see this treasure as the coverlet has not left the Guild's hands for 18 years as its age and fragility require careful display and conservation. For more details check out…/1718-silk-patchwork-coverlet/

Please look out for more updates, information, images and interesting facts as the year goes on.