Churchill Fellowships

The Churchill Fellowships have opened for applications from today. 

A Churchill Fellowship funds people to travel for 4-8 weeks abroad, researching a topic of their own choice that can make a difference to their profession or community when they come home. 

Fellows can visit several countries and continents, meeting key people in their topic and gaining hands-on expertise. On return they make change happen in their workplace or region, among practitioners or policy-makers, at local or national level. Impact

We award Fellowships in these fields: Artists & makers, Education, Emergency services, Enterprise and social impact, Environment, Healthcare, Migration, Nursing, Rural living, Science, Suicide prevention – and there is an Open category for everything else. Young people aged 18-25 are actively encouraged to apply. 

Recent Fellows have said:

·"This was a truly life-changing experience professionally and personally." (John Boulton, headteacher)

·"One of the most valuable experiences of my career. I have felt inspired, challenged, reflective, honoured and humbled by the opportunities I've had." (Deanna Gibbs, nurse)

Everyone can apply, regardless of qualifications, age or background. You just need to be a UK citizen aged 18 or more. What we’re looking for is bright ideas from people who are keen to make change happen.

Applications can be made on our website here ( and the deadline is 18 September 2018.