Crafting during Coronavirus


Calling all stitchers, makers, creatives and crafters.

Two pieces of research are being conducted by Naomi Clarke and she is looking for participants!-

Research project 1: exploring crafting during coronavirus. This is obviously an incredibly difficult and tumultuous time for many people but there's also a real creativity coming through social media with people learning new craft skills, re-acquainting with old craft skills and sharing craft skills. This research seeks to explore people’s experiences, uses of, and feelings surrounding crafting during this time using diaries, images and writing. Naomi would love it if you could take the time to read the information about the research project, consider taking part and/or sharing this research project by sharing the weblink:

The second research project seeks to explore the stories of patchwork and quilters today, during the 20th to the 21st century, from all around the world! This research aims to be an ongoing collection of data which would allow the narratives and experiences of patchworkers and quilters to be recorded and celebrated. Every single detail, added together, will give a more comprehensive representation of patchwork and/or quilting during the 20th and 21st century. All of the information about this research project is available online here:

For any further information, contact Naomi at

Crafting During Coronavirus is a diary research project where people keep an ongoing reflective diary of their crafting during this time (what they're making, how they're feeling, any other reflections) and sending it to Naomi with photos of their crafting. It is an ongoing piece of research people can do whenever/wherever they craft as the more information they are able to share then the better  the role of craft can be understood. There may be interviews  when circumstances permit but at the moment, diaries are the research methods.

The second research study is another ongoing piece of research. Naomi hoped to do interviews but that isn't possible at the moment so it is a freestyle opportunity for people to record their patchwork and quilting experiences however they wish and to send it to her (either multiple times, for different projects or at different stages in their life) as an ongoing living, social archive.