Get Creative Festival 2018

The Get Creative initiative will become an annual week long festival from March 2018 which gives us greater scope to organise events. The aim of Get Creative is to encourage members of the public to engage with creative activity of all kinds.  We would like to encourage all Guild members and regions to consider taking part by putting on open activities during the week 17 - 25 March. Guild regions that embraced the event during the Get Creative weekend 2017 found the event very rewarding, with new groups and more people interested in quilting.  Sheila Evans has agreed to be the Get Creative Champion and will be your contact for all things Get Creative.

Sheila says she would love young people to be involved and it may be that local schools with a textile department would like to take part.  Libraries and other public ares proved very successful meeting points this year.  It doesn't have to be a large project - there are lots of small items to be made for the home and as gifts.  Bags, wall hangings, cushions make manageable projects that beginners find achievable.  

It would be great if every region could have someone  region to take on the co-ordination and also organising publicity for planned events.  If you are interested in becoming involved then please contact Sheila.  Let her know if you plan to hold an event too.  We have a section within the website where details can be published.  Don't forget to to ask your website editor to list your activity in the events area of your regional website and in the newsletter too.

If you would like to see what happened in London in April visit the BBC website.