Help with Research wanted

What does sewing mean to you? If you are aged 40 years and under then please take a moment to look at, and consider participating in, Naomi’s MSc dissertation. Further information is available at:

Naomi says - “I am 26 years old and have been sewing on and off since the age of 7. It is only in the past few years sewing has become a real rock for me. I find the repetitive, rhythmic movement of hand stitching calming and almost therapeutic. My life in stitches often feels similar to ‘crazy patchwork’. These pieces of fabrics are held together by a series of stitches and without these stitches the ‘crazy patchwork’ would fall apart…echoing how I often feel about my life: stitching, and it’s continuity and regularity, are the brighter parts of my life that have acted as my one constant and have continued to contribute to what is holding me together through life’s many differing experiences and challenges.”