Online tutors and speakers

Learning online in the comfort of your own sewing room

During lockdown our usual round of Guild events and those with our local sewing groups were put on hold.   Now our thoughts are moving towards autumn when we would usually be contemplating regional days and workshops. Despite the easing of restrictions not all meeting places have re-opened. Many of us are reluctant to venture out to a live event and so online or video conferencing options are being considered as a possible solution.

We have already seen some successful events in the regions so we are keen to ensure that regions and quilting groups can easily access information about those who are able to offer talks and workshops at a distance. If you are looking for an online speaker or workshop tutor then this will be the perfect place to start. 

Obviously we are unable endorse or recommend the various talks and workshops for quality and content but we are very enthusiastic about helping tutors and quilters get together in this safe and inclusive manner.

You can find a list of members who give talks and /or workshops online on the website. Some are running their usual classes online too so perhaps a great way to link up with a tutor who is usually too far from your home. Please email them directly and check if the topic and the means of delivery suits the members of your group. These are early days for many of ususing this technology but we are all learning far faster than we might have anticipated.

If you are a tutor or speaker and not on the list contact