Region 10 creates Pilgrim Fathers Quilt

Article on BBC Local News 4th July 2017

Congratulations to quilters in Region 10 on this article today from the BBC -
"Nottinghamshire quilt to be gifted to US museum" by
Maryam Qaiser, BBC Local Live Posted at 14:06

A quilt showcasing 400 years of Nottinghamshire's history is being donated as a special gift to the United States.
It was created by the Nottinghamshire branch of the Quilters' Guild, highlighting the origins of the Pilgrim Fathers.

BBC Radio Nottingham has been campaigning to honour the likes of William Brewster, from Scrooby, who sailed on the Mayflower in 1620.
Richard Pickering is deputy executive director of Plimoth Plantation - a living history museum in Massachusetts - which is where the quilt is going. He said: "It is beautiful, absolutely gorgeous, and as a historian I think if history was conveyed more by quilts, people would know more history.
"It is so engaging, vibrant and we will make sure this gift is revered and always protected."

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