Spotlight @ 40

Spotlight @ 40 - the QBGI members' gallery


Spotlight@40   Festival of Quilts  2019    Part 1 of 6:  Regions 1-4 

The quilts in this gallery were made to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles. The 18 regions of The Guild are represented, as well as the three age groups of Young Quilters.  Each piece is a new work specially made by a Guild member who does not already have a piece in The Guild’s Collection. The makers were asked to interpret the theme of 40 as creatively as possible. The rule was that the finished piece had to have one dimension of 40 inches and between 25 and 40 inches in the other dimension. These pieces will become part of The Quilters’ Guild Museum Collection. In this way, work made in The Guild’s 40th year will give future historians a wonderful reference point from which to study the techniques and inspirations pertinent to our time.