Staying Home - staying safe

Staying home block

A project to connect Quilters’ Guild members whilst in isolation

The last few months have seen us in a situation none of us have experienced before. Whilst we know that not all our members are able to stay home or find their home the safe place we’d wish, the fact that so many people are staying at home has had a huge impact on our lives. We’d like to document this impact in a quilt and invite you to join other members to make a quilt block and tell us how you have been affected.The pattern for this house block is provided and is deliberately small and simple to make. There are enough challenges and uncertainties to contend with, without us adding to them! You can piece by hand or machine, use foundation piecing or English paper piecing. Because we can’t get together to turn the blocks into a quilt we’re asking you to layer and quilt the block, which will then be joined using a quilt as you go joining technique.Hopefully we can make a quilt which, along with documentation of our experiences during lockdown, will be accepted into our Museum Collection.  As the response is something of an unknown we can't guarantee this or that we will be able to use all your blocks in this way, but any excess blocks will be put to good use.

At the moment we are all stitching in isolation - it would be wonderful to think that lots of us are working on the same project as members of our Guild.

Download the pattern in the members area.