Ted Storm Exhibition

Request from Tabea Schieman a student of Ted Storm. 

From May 4th – 6th, Ted Storm is going to display all of her award-winning quilts at the Nadelwelt in Karlsruhe, Germany. What’s going to be so special about this event is that it will be the first and at the same time the very last time that all of her quilts will be displayed together and that it marks a big date for Ted: 30 years of quilting and 50 years of working with textiles!

In honor of this last exhibition and to celebrate her two anniversaries, I would like to surprise Ted with something special. My idea is to create a book filled with memories and congratulations from her friends and colleagues. And this is where I need your help! Ted has taught several classes in the UK and her quilt "Spring of Desire" has won at the Festival of Quilts. That`s why I'm sure it would mean a lot to Ted if someone from your guild would take the time to write something for her. Something about her quilts, if you've met her a special memory you have, a funny anecdote… or in other words: whatever comes to your mind when you think of Ted and her quilts. You can write up to two pages and if you want to, you can also include pictures.

Please send me your text (and your pictures) until the end of February. That will give me enough time to put everything together and get the book printed. If you know someone who’d also love to write something for Ted, please feel free to share this message and leave me a short note.
Just remember: it’s supposed to be a surprise so please don’t tell Ted

If you want to participate in this surprise, please send me a short email so I can keep track of who’s going to send me a text.

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