Specialist Group Challenge 2018 -9

To celebrate The Guild's 40th Anniversary all Specialist Groups are invited to exhibit together at Festival of Quilts 2019. The exhibition will be curated by Lynne Edwards.  The exhibition will be a new interpretation of a classic quilt - the Edwin Mary Bloomfield Coverlet.

The coverlet dated 1849-50 was acquired by the Guild in 2004 driven by the desire to unite this quilt with a very similar piece, also bought by the Guild that year, the Wyatt Coverlet.  You can find out more about the coverlet at https://www.quiltmuseum.org.uk/blog/quilt-history-articles/01389.html 

For more information about the coverlet and the exhibition download the leaflet which has close up images of various sections of the coverlet. The various groups have each dev=cided on their own dimensions for the finished quilts as below.

Traditional Group - 30" square 

Miniature Group -  12” square

Contemporary Group  -  18" x 24” portrait 

Modern Group - 20” square