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  • Carole Kokinis

    In the 70's I started to hand sew a hexagon quilt over papers. After many house moves it was eventually… (read more)

  • Christine Green

    I have a life long love of fabrics and stitched my first patchwork quilt when I was about eight, for… (read more)

  • Sarah Williamson

    I took up patchwork about nine years ago, and I have no favourite style or method (except I don't get… (read more)

  • Anna Powell

    I have been involved in needlework/crafts since I was 5 years old when my Grandma taught me to stitch… (read more)

  • Joy Edgington

    I have been a full time patchwork and quilting tutor since 2011 and I love teaching a wide range of… (read more)

  • Joan Weston

    I have been an artist all my life and recently retired as the Head of Art at Dover Grammar School for… (read more)

  • Denise Davies

    II am a lover of traditional quilts but very much enjoy the twiddling and fiddling of fabric as advocated… (read more)

  • Hilary Cheshire

    Hello, I am a textile artist and quilt designer. I teach traditional hand stitched quilt making and… (read more)

  • Hilary Gooding

    I have been sewing since childhood, and a quilter since 1979. I qualified as a quilt judge in 1995 through… (read more)

  • Jennifer Rundle B.E.M.

    I have been a patchworker for over 30 years, starting with hexagons and now designing my own work. I… (read more)

  • Fi Bowman

    I call myself a designer, maker, and artist because those are the things I’ve loved to do as long… (read more)

  • Jan Williams

    Interested in contemporary quilting, textile art, photography, art, travel, cooking. I especially enjoy… (read more)

  • Laura Bok

    My name is Laura and I'm 36 years old. I joined the London branch of the Guild a year ago, but have… (read more)

  • Margaret Macdonald

    In winter I live in Preveza, Greece and from March 2017 will be based in Polperro, Cornwall, and sailing… (read more)

  • Brenda Wroe

    I am a contemporary textile artist with residential ties to the UK, France and Spain. My artistic work… (read more)