Special Interest Group Challenge 2018 -9

To celebrate The Guild's 40th Anniversary all Special Interest Groups are invited to exhibit together at Festival of Quilts 2019. The exhibition will be curated by Lynne Edwards.  The exhibition will be a new interpretation of a classic quilt - the Edwin Mary Bloomfield Coverlet.

The coverlet dated 1849-50 was acquired by the Guild in 2004 driven by the desire to unite this quilt with a very similar piece, also bought by the Guild that year, the Wyatt Coverlet.  You can find out more about the coverlet at https://www.quiltmuseum.org.uk/blog/quilt-history-articles/01389.html 

For more information about the coverlet and the exhibition download the leaflet which has close up images of various sections of the coverlet. The various groups have each decided on their own dimensions for the finished quilts as below.

Traditional Group - 30" square 

Miniature Group -  12” square

Contemporary Group  -  18" x 24” portrait 

Modern Group - 20” square